About Surfwoods

Every road in life has a story.  The road less traveled, the rocky road, easy street, the fork in the road, cross roads, and the uncrowded extra mile, among others.


This venture was born out of quarantine weeks & the desire to create something fun & enjoyable for everyone.  This was a fork in the road for us,  a chance to diversify, to be creative & a way to give back. 

New clothes, creative designs, catchy phrases, all fun, right?  Finding that message that really hits home, maybe just for you, or maybe your message to the world.  

Whatever  road you're traveling, make it great, be adventurous, be kind, think outside yourself, and no matter what, enjoy the journey.  

Life isn't what you hope it to be, it's what you make of it.  So go out there and make it great.  After all, all roads do lead to one place, it's your choice which road you decide to take.

Thank you for supporting our humble store, and don't be shy.  Give us your thoughts and ideas.... we listen!